About Us


DUO Music is the very first clarinet repair-shop in Korea. Since the founding of DUO Music back in 1994, many clarinet-related products were invented, such as our extraordinary “Shine” clarinet made with hard rubber, and our “Superior” clarinet made from ebony wood, all designed and engineered to replicate true perfection. Besides clarinets, we have created and designed reed cases, mouthpiece patches, thumb rests, microfiber swabs, barrels, and reeds. We also produce clarinet related goods to other companies, one example being Vandoren’s well-known blue reed case. 


We, as DUO music, strive for quality and excellence through our products in a way that could be accessible to the majority, inexpensively. Our products are made for anyone, whether it be a beginner or a professional. We strive for quality, perfection, harmony, a duo between you and us. 


DUO music has been successful in regards to business-related relationships, and we still strive for more business relationships to offer better services in the future, anywhere around the world. If interested, we are always happy to send out our own samples of our own products ready to be used by you. Please contact us in the “Contact Us” tab on our website to contact us, or if you have any questions. 

Thank you.

- Wooseop Ryu, CEO of DUO Music Korea