Shine S

Shine S

DUO Music's Shine S is a revolutionary clarinet.


Revolutionary. The Shine-S clarinet is a specifically designed, patented clarinet design for people with small hands or young students. The tone holes and keys are designed smaller than other clarinets for young students or for people with small hands to use effectively.


Engineered for perfection. The Shine-S clarinet was developed and engineered alongside with the prestigious Seoul National University's Acoustical Engineering department for acoustical perfection, with small hand ergonomics in mind.


Works like a charm. The Shine-S clarinet with the Pisoni Leather pads can make the playing with clarity, effortlessly. Easier to handle with, this clarinet works like a charm.


Comes with Clarinet Care kit (thumb rest, mouthpiece patch, cork grease, pad drying patch, swab), Tra Reed Size 2.5, clarinet bag, and a DUO Music Stand.