Shine ST-1/ST-2

Shine ST-1/ST-2

DUO Music's Shine ST-1:


For anyone. The Shine ST models are clarinets that can be played by anyone at any skill level. 
The potential of the ST clarinets are endless—it can be played outdoors or indoors, and could be played in jazz or in orchestral settings. 


We value quality. The key work used on the Shine ST models is very detailed, similar to the very high-end clarinets produced by big clarinet manufacturers, and cannot be compared with clarinets the same price range. 


True Color. With the material choice and the flexibility of being able to play anywhere, this clarinet will let you replicate the type of sound you want—dark or bright, soft or loud.


Comes with Clarinet Care kit (thumb rest, mouthpiece patch, cork grease, pad drying patch, swab), DUO Reed Etude Size 2.5, clarinet bag, DUO Music Stand, Glossy Ligature, and DUCASSE Mouthpiece.